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Simon Koikai

Simon Koikai aka DJ Bash was born on the 18th of March 1987. Having grown up in a family that wouldn’t go a day without listening to music, this fostered his passion for music from an early stage. DJ Bash’s interest in being a DJ Sparked in the year 2008 after attending the Pilsner Mfalme DJ Competition. Seeing the crowd light up through music, he got inspired and fell in love with the art.

How it Began

The Inspiration

Seeing the crowd light up through music, he got inspired and fell in love with the art. He decided to act on this feat and enrolled for DJ classes from a friend. Through his hard work and resilience, he would late compete in the Pilsner Mfalme completion in 2010 and came out an impressive 6th countrywide.


The Mentors

Pioneer DJs such as DJ John, DJ Pinye & DJ Styles have been key inspiration & influence to DJ Bash’s style of DJ-ing. He started spending time listening to both local & international DJs & replicating their style and feel of music until he was able to come up with his own style.


The Growth

As time went by, he would slowly sharpen his skills with experience from his musical background that gave him the ability to play all genres of music. In 2014, DJ Bash joined Homeboyz Entertainment. He had his first debut on Homeboyz Radio 103.5 FM where he had two shows. The Juice In the Mix with Tallia Oyando every Friday 11am to 1pm and hosts the Overdose which airs every Saturday from 1pm to 3pm. DJ Bash is also a lecturer at Homeboyz Entertainment DJ Academy (M.T.A) where he trains other upcoming DJs.


Television Debut

Early 2016, DJ Bash got the privilege of joining Teen Republik, a popular entertainment TV show that airs every Saturday on Kenya’s leading station, NTV. He makes music content for the show, which includes a weekly countdown, and music mixes.


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